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Bought my father-in-law’s 2005 Z71 ECSB Silverado. Almost 111,000 miles on it, meticulously maintained. He was the second owner. Standard GM stuff... 5.3/4L60E, G80 locker and 3.42 gears, captain’s chairs, Bose stereo, brand new Bilsteins, etc. He decided to buy a brand new truck and offered me his since he knew I was looking, even though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, I couldn’t pass up the deal he offered especially considering the condition the truck is in.

Tires are ready to go, I’m getting 285/70-17 KO2s put on later this week, maybe tweak the torsion bars just a tad if needed. Going to rig up a quick cap-lift contraption in my garage, since I’m not a huge fan of the cap look (and it totally removes the functionality of a pickup!) but keeping it for camping.. which should be super great with the 6.5' bed. Gonna KISS with this one.


Looking forward to having this one a while. I’m still not use to the size, and my goodness gracious... the POWER.

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